How Bonita Payments, Founded By Elliott Forman, Helped Small Businesses Survive During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The world is still struggling with the menace of the COVID-19 pandemic as the new variants of the virus are intermittently haunting the citizenry across the globe. The financial, physical, and mental damage brought upon by the virus is so severe that it might take decades to fully recover in the aftermath of the pandemic. Days-long lockdowns, emotionally suffocating isolation wards, and dreadful distancing from dearest ones have become a new norm.

However, amidst the chaotic scenes observed around the world, there were also some encouraging and optimistic instances on which we can pin our hopes for a better future. Bonita Payments, founded by Elliott Forman, is one such example that initiated a life-saving funding program for small businesses and provided them with much-needed loans to survive unsettling times.

“It wasn’t easy for the small business owners to sustain through the COVID-19 pandemic as the banks were not loaning money to small businesses,” says Elliott Forman.

In the bleakest time, small business and even mid-sized business owners were running from pillar to post to provide some oxygen to their waning establishments so that they could at least provide for their families, let alone sustain the profits. However, the strict protocols at the banks rendered the entire fraternity hopeless, leaving them at the mercy of the situation. Realizing the severity of the circumstance, Bonita Payments authored a funding program to offer merchants working capital to help them make adjustments during the pandemic.

“We created a low entry point to help businesses that otherwise would not have qualified for a capital program,” says Elliott Forman, while sharing the details of the program. He further said that they had, to their surprise, found that a number of businesses lacked the resources necessary for the transition of their businesses to an online offering or many of the other options to survive.

Given such a demoralizing time for small enterprises, Bonita Payments tailored a creative working capital program to aid businesses make more money and keep themselves aflat during troubling hours. The New Orleans, Louisiana-based merchant processing company came to the rescue of the beleaguered business community when even the government turned its back on them.

“Many of the government-sponsored programs came with unreachable stipulations that would discourage any business owner from completing the complex paperwork,” says Elliott. “With that in mind, we offered a smart documentation process that was meant to get you funded, not frustrated,” he further added.

Founded in 2015 by Elliott Forman, Bonita Payments is now one of the most successful and popular merchant process companies across North America and is providing state-of-the-art payment solutions for businesses. Their payment processing systems like POS systemsMini POSClever Go, and Flex POS are some features that make the company stand out among the crowd.

“The future looks bright, and we anticipate the future to be a great rebound time for all pandemic survivors,” Elliott is quite optimistic for the time to come and believes it will tend to the festering wounds of the pandemic. “The year 2020 was the most challenging year for many businesses, and if they can make it through COVID-19, they can do anything,” he further added.

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