Clover GO

Go Where Your Business Takes You

The Most Compact Payment Processing System

Take your business with you on the go! With the Clover GO, accept payments at any time, wherever there’s Wi-Fi or cell service. This sleek credit card reader has a ton of processing power to handle transactions smoothly and quickly – all while looking great in any environment (from artisan marketplaces right up to customer sites).

Convenience at its finest

Manage Your Business From Anywhere

Accept all forms of payments using the latest mobile POS system. Connect to your business anywhere with an internet connection and get paid faster than ever before.

Clover GO App

For even easier payments, pair the mobile POS with the Clover GO App.

Clover Dashboard

Keep all your data in one place with the Clover GO dashboard.

Top-Notch Security

Protect your data with the latest encryption technology.

Full Customization

Customize your app with information relevant to your business (taxes, discounts, tips, etc.)


How Clover GO Works

Sales-Ready System

Even though it is a small system paired with an Android or iOS app, Clover GO can do everything other POS systems can - accept payments, create orders, run reports, and email or text receipts.

Intuitive Design

The easy-to-use Clover GO app is perfect for generating new sales right away. To get started, all you need are a mobile device and the Clover GO credit card reader.

Comprehensive View

Have all your transactions in one place so you can see what's going on with every single sale. This includes both completed and pending sales, as well as those that were opened but not completed yet.

Always Up-To-Date

The Clover app is constantly updated with new usability and security features. Make sure that your mobile devices are always running the newest version of the app!

Interested in our Clover GO system?

Speak with one of our representatives today to get your Mini POS professionally customized.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need any special mobile devices. All you need is a smartphone or tablet paired with the Clover card reader.

At the moment, the following devices are compatible with this POS system: 

  • iOS devices with a version of iOS 8.2 or higher
  • Android devices with an Android version 4.4 or higher

Windows phones are not supported, as well as rooted or jailbroken devices.

You can use any carrier of your choice with our systems.

The Clover GO has an offline mode. In this mode, you can still accept payments, but they will be authorized only when you reconnect to the internet.

No, the same Clover GO app is used to accept transactions on both device types.

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