Bonita Payments Brings back Customer Service to Merchant Processing

Offering transparent pricing and intelligent solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses, Bonita Payments has quickly emerged as a trusted payments provider.

Explaining the modus operandi of Bonita Payments, its Founder Elliott Forman said this New Orleans based outfit provides all things payment processing to businesses all while reducing fraud and payment-related risks.

In a statement here, Forman said the concentration areas of Bonita Payments are to provide smart payment tech and a better customer experience. However, the main specialties are full service and counter service restaurants, with a full array of tools around the retail, petroleum, and e-commerce ports.

Bonita also provides merchant hardware and software solutions for card-present and non-present environments, this is the most heavily trafficked area of sales during the pandemic. With deep fraud filters, merchants have increased the efficiencies of their eCommerce and online businesses, naturally, while relying on Bonita Payments.

This veteran-owned business, Forman developed Bonita Payments with the most simplified merchant boarding and application process. Our company is designed with our merchants and their customers in mind.

Founded in 2015, the reputation of Bonita Payments as a partner to all business owners has expanded all across the Southeastern States.

No wonder, Bonita Payments has several partnerships and sales channels that are rapidly growing.

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